What To Consider Before Marketing Yourself To The World

Direction is so much more important than speed and many people are going nowhere fast.

This article will help you understand why a solid foundation will take you much further than paying random people to do it. If you are tired of paying people for services and not getting the feedback you want... here's why!

Whether you want a buzz, more exposure, shows, or a bigger following. Everything you want circles back to one thing... a plan! Without a plan, you are wasting money when you could be making it! Don't believe me? Keep reading! 

I have a question...When someone is building a house, do they just tell the crew,"Okay guys, lets go in and start building!"...

Think about it............ they don't!

A PLAN is created for every person that plays a role in building that house. Without that plan, the house won't be built correctly. So when the house is shitty, you kick out the old contractors and bring in the new contractors. The new contractors construct a plan, and get all the workers on the same page to create the house they envisioned...

So my question is... what do you envision? where do you see yourself going? How do you plan on getting there? By breaking through the radio or club?

The way a house is built is the same way you have to look at your career! You have to construct a plan so you can make sure you are reaching that goal that you want. Whether you want a buzz, shows, or a bigger following.. that PLAN is the BLUEPRINT of whether you truly break or not.

You still with me? Good.

Moving forward...

I work with many people who are looking for the simple things. But I am here to tell you there is so much more to the music industry other than making a record, releasing it on Soundcloud, paying DJs to spin it and promoting it on Twitter. You know what? It's even BIGGER than dropping it on WSHH... truly breaking your record takes a strategy, and Branding Consultants or Branding Strategist are the ones that do that for you.

In order to get where you truly want to go, you have to build a SOLID FOUNDATION. 

We would all love to just pay someone to build our buzz then a month later everyone is in the club singing our record... but that's not the way THIS business works. Instead of paying people to do certain tasks, you need to hire someone to form your PLAN... your SOLID FOUNDATION of how you will get fans and gain some, book more shows, and most IMPORTANTLY, MAKE MONEY BACK!

And I hate to break it to you, but that won't happen if you are constantly putting out money into places that do not even deserve it. As an indie, you can make the money back you put out, but that can't happen if you are wasting it in places that doesn't benefit you.

Remember: Most of these people tell you what they can do, but truly aren't capable of achieving it. They want your money, so they promise you they can move it a certain way when all along you could have did the same thing they are doing yourself, for FREE.

Once you lay brick by brick, you'll eventually get a wall. 

Your biggest rappers to your most popular local rappers have someone that is creating their plan... so who is going to create yours? Who will be the person that will HELP you get your followers up? The proper blog placements? Your website? Your databasing.

You don't know?

Well here is what you need to do: Build a solid foundation with a PR, a consultant or a brand strategist, plan your next moves as far as what you are trying to accomplish, come up with a budget that doesn't break your pockets and THEN your strategist will ASSIST you in orchestrating where and who your money will go to.

That's the way it is done... unless you like wasting money then go right ahead. If you are looking to save, let us know what you need and we will personally assist you.

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