3 Easy Steps To Use When You Don't Know How To Network

There comes a time in every individual's life where they come to a split road. This split road can be two of many things, however the topic of discussion today would be networking.

Now, for many of you readers, networking might come easy or it might not. However, whether you are a music artist, fashion designer, or any dope ass person trying to increase your network, the right way, this article is for you.

Befriending the plug can mean a plethora of things, one of those things meaning, meeting someone of significance and using them to your benefit while building a business relationship (if you follow me). Many mistakes we make when trying to befriend the plug is posing more as a fan than a person who also has value. Through past experiences, I feel that posing as a fan can most likely scare the plug away than make them pass over their contact.

So, here are some super easy steps in making sure you are befriending the plug, the right way.


1. Approach the plug. For many of you, this can be the scariest part of networking because you truly do not know what to expect. So, before you go on and doubt yourself before the approach, take a step back and check out your surroundings.

If you are in a club, I doubt you could efficiently network over the loud music, plus, if a plug is at the club, it might be to party, so know who you are dealing with before you embarrass yourself. If you are in more of a quiet setting, let's say an event of some sort where you can introduce yourself, I think that would be a smarter move than trying to exchange contacts in the club.

Be firm, be confident and begin with a compliment or something the plug can relate to, to get the conversation going. 9 times out of 10, they already know what you want.

2. Small talk the plug. Stuck on what you should say? Begin with a compliment, it always works. Say something like: "I heard your latest project I think that's what missing in this industry"... then based on their response, introduce yourself with a firm handshake letting them know what you do. If the plug seems interested, it's time to sell yourself. Never seem too overbearing or too eager, as I said before, you will last alot longer with small talk if you come off more as a tastemaker than a fan.

3. Sell yourself to the plug. As said before, they already know what you want. So, you have to prove your value because the plug knows their benefit. Be genuine in your approach when asking for contact information, if you get stuck, here are some pitching statements you can use at your disposal.

  • My name is Karmen Rydem and I work in Digital Media, I really love what you have going on I think there are some ways I can help you, what's the best way I can contact you?
  • I know you have -- that going on and I have this and that -- going on, how can we make this work?
  • What's the best way to contact you? I have a lot of fresh ideas I think you can use I think you'd love.


At the end of the day, befriending a plug can be something truly beneficial in the future. However, always remember to nurture the relationship before you begin to stick your hand out asking for things. 

Follow up, support any events or projects the plug is involved in and focus on truly building a relationship. This is because, once you begin to pitch business ideas, they are more prone to be on board with you because you've genuinely supported them.

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