3 Quick Tips For Marketing Yourself On Social Media

This is the new world, the digital world. And with this wonderful tool, comes something absolutely amazing that you can do... and that's brand yourself.

Whether you are an aspiring writer, artist, model or musician, one thing you will have in common with everyone reaching for something is branding. But to ensure that you don't confuse marketing with branding (although they do go hand in hand), here is the difference simply put: 

Branding is who you are, marketing is what you do

Once you understand your brand, you can easily market yourself. This is because when you know exactly who you are and what you offer, making connections with people will become easier than ever, even if they aren't in the same industry as you.

With that being said, whichever place you stand in, whether that learning more about yourself to build your brand, or marketing yourself, it is important to know these quick tips that will ensure you are on the right track:

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1. Get On Social Media Faithfully

Here are my recommended platforms: Linked-In, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, Linked-In and Instagram being the most recommended.

The first way to easily market yourself is to put yourself in places other people like you are. Platforms like Linked-In and Instagram allow you to easily find people like you, and connect with them.

Follow, like pictures, comment or ask for contact information and just engage!

Whether you are active in your field or not, taking the first step in making the connection is key and being consistent with your connections is the other.

Doing this everyday goes such a long way.

2. Post, Post & Post Some More

Not telling you to lie, but if you are out somewhere, post photos, post videos, post things to show your viewers that you are actually out in your field.

If you were to post a photo 4 times a week and the other 3 days post inspirational meme's or videos that people can easily relate to, not only are you marketing yourself but you are showing your audience that you are relatable on many other levels than just posting about yourself.

3. Have Post About You

The industry is a business. Therefore you are going to have to work for people or do business with people. Whether you render a service, it is important to be apart of some kind of network, whether its asking people to post your page in exchange for something or even posting people without them even asking.

If you are in the service business, give people a discount for posting about you, or giving them a gift and asking them to post it. 

Letting people market you, is one of the easiest and misunderstood concepts because it seems hard yet it's extremely easy. 

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Quick Recap:

Branding is who you are, marketing is what you do.

The easiest ways to market yourself is by making connections with people in the same industry as you and doing good business so others will begin to market you. The 3 little steps are painless and something you can include in your daily routine whether you are on the move or sitting on the couch.

So get out there and start marketing yourself! If you are serious about your career and building a solid brand, start now.

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