Create A Killer Marketing Plan Using These 3 Steps

I'll be the first to say that it can get a little overwhelming when talking marketing and branding. From content marketing to social media marketing, to email marketing and production marketing, there are so many different tactics to use when trying to target an audience.

Although there is never an easy way to create anything, these 3 steps are the basis that you will eventually use to broaden and create the marketing plan you've always wanted.  No matter the motive, be sure to understand that marketing is what you do, not who you are.

With that being said...

These three steps can be used after you've created a sustainable brand, or when you decide who you are and what your brand will stand for. 

1. Know your product and its specific audience

When creating any product it is important to know what it stands for and who actually needs it.

Your product can be physical, individual or social, and once you have that product, figure out what void it can feel and how you can relate that to your customers.

Ask yourself these questions...

1. Who needs my product?

2. How will my product help my consumers? Will it solve issues or struggles they may be dealing with?

3. Where are people that need my product? 

Look at your online and offline market to answer these questions.

2. Budget, Budget, Budget

Now that you know what your product is, how it can help your customers and where your customers actually are, here is where the creative aspect comes into play.

Now let's use a musician for example. As a musician, if you are releasing a record, what do you need to ensure the release of your record (product) gets to the target market? How far are you trying to take your project? Are you trying to reach the masses or the locals? Are you trying to get your song in the clubs or streaming online?

Your motive of the project and your budget goes hand in hand. You can't build a house without the proper budget, so be sure to create a budget and plan that aligns with your needs.

For instance, if you know you have a $3,500.00 budget for your project, it is up to you to write out where the money is going. Whether it is $100.00 to the graphic designer, $200.00 to your cameraman, etc., the creative aspects/plan creates the demand for your product/project.

3. Implementation baby, just decide

Okay, so you have your product, your budget and a plan of what you need to make it all happen. You also know exactly where your target audience and how you want to reach them.

Now it's time to actually market and this is where the real work begins. Now although some plans may look different than others, this is the simple way to map out an implementation plan:

July 1 - 9:00AM - Post teaser via social - 
July 1 - 10:00AM - email blast to contacts
July 2 - blogs post - retweets - reposting
July 2 - flyers posted Little 5 Points - Euclid Ave
July 2 - attend event with flyers off Euclid Ave
July 3 - 12:00PM - post trailer with day of release


and so forth...

Trust me, marketing plans take time but they are not impossible. What it takes is knowledge of markets, attention to detail and creativity in your approach. However, for some reason if you are unable to hire someone to creatively plan for you, its possible and here are some easy steps to take.

If you want to take it a step further, you also want to track the progress of your product.

Click here to see how you can track your product along with in-depth steps on what more you can actually do with your marketing plan.


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