Editor's Note: I Just Have To Clarify Marketing v.s. Branding

I get so many questions from people asking me to brand them. The first thought that always comes to my head is a damn cow -- because I don't brand people. I create brands, but I don't brand people.

With the use of social media, making music and getting it out to the world is now easier than ever. Let's admit it. From the invention of cell phones to the creation of apps, it's not difficult to build a fan base and live off the funds.

But what some have to realize is the difference between you and someone who has built a following via social media, is their approach. And with a great approach comes a word we are all very familiar with...


A brand is an asset... in easier terms, who you are. Knowing who you are can come in many forms and those forms might be a title, a logo, a name or some kind of design. So when I speak in terms of your brand being your asset, it's something that is yours, something that no one can never have or may not understand.

Now in order to have a strong brand (in order for people to know your title, logo or name), you must market yourself. 

And marketing is what you do. 

If you've ever been around someone who is unfamiliar with the definition of this term, you've probably heard them say something like:

"It's time to brand yourself", "I do branding", "you need branding?"

Let's be clear once more, branding is who you are, marketing is what you do. Which means in order to market yourself, you must have a brand. You must have something to actually market, whether it is a product, business or individual.

The truth is, many people fail to market themselves because they are unsure of their brand or what is is they actually do. This creates issues that make it difficult to relay that message online.

It's this simple.

If you are unsure about your brand you will have difficulty marketing yourself.

This is the same regarding networking. 

There are some people who aren't well at networking because they are unsure of what they fully do and again, their brand. With that being said, they don't govern themselves from that standpoint because they don't fully know what they can offer yet.

At the end of the day, in order to market yourself you must have a brand, and in order to sustain or build a brand, you must market.

So next time you hear someone using the terms incorrectly, how about you correct them. It's already bad enough you have people calling themselves marketing and branding geniuses, when all they do is spam our social media feeds.

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