One Of Many Reasons Why You Might Fail As An Indie Artist

I get it, trust me I do. As an upcoming artist one thing you will have to understand is people will try to take advantage of you. However, what you must realize at the same time, while thinking people are just out for your money, you are not only hurting yourself but your career.

We've heard it all before, even myself as an young entrepreneur. People selling dreams, telling you all these cool things they can do for you. Whether it's online promotion or digital marketing, there is always someone claiming to be an expert in that field, which ultimately becomes a waste of money.

Some people do what they say they will do, and some don't. Who you choose to give your money to is simply up to you.

But keep in mind.

While you are giving a potential consultant the side-eye, you are not only missing the chance to take your career up a notch, but also passing up the opportunity to build with a tastemaker in an industry you want to break into.

I tell my clients often, especially in the 8 Hard Truths Every Indie Must Know article, yes there are going to be people that try to take advantage of you, but it does not mean that everyone is out to get you.

And would you like to know something else?

Some people truly want to help you.

The worst truth as an artist is trying to get someone to either believe in you or your work. So while you pass up an opportunity to build with someone who could potentially help you (usually because you are unsure if the person is legit or not), you are missing an opportunity when you should be seizing it.

With that being said, I am going to be completely honest with you, my awesome reader.

Opportunities don't come often as an independent music artist. Depending on your market, there are usually hundreds of people, just like you, competing for that number one spot. Competing for that track on the radio, to collab with a dope artist, to build a huge following so people can support your music.

Now while all of this is reachable.

You have to realize again...

There are hundreds of people just like YOU, competing for that spot. Competing to be noticed, campaigning to gain fans, a following, money, bookings, or whatever that case is.

Now with all of that competition how do you plan to stand out?

How do you plan to gain a following without knowing who you are, and governing that same image online? How do you plan to get booked if you aren't partnering with the right people to take you to higher levels? How do you plan on becoming a known rapper in your city, if you are hesitate or usually don't invest into your career because of your fears?

Those are questions you should ask yourself. 

The moment you begin to take your career seriously and take chances in investing into your career, is the moment where everything will change. Also, taking charge of your career rather than waiting for someone to hand it to you, is when everything will change.

Stop looking for handouts. No one owes you anything and how can someone do something for you for free, when you haven't proven to anyone, but yourself, that you are worth the expense?

Some things you will have to pay for and what you pay for will not only be an investment to help you now but also in the future...

So my awesome indie, manager, executive or even reader, if you want to make a change and you truly want to become someone worth supporting that everyone will know...

Invest into your career, invest into your image and connect with every single person that you can. Besides, while you are hesitant in hiring someone to do work for you, that exact person is getting paid to make someone else's dream come true.

So what choice will you make? Tweet me here and let me know.

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