The Best Way To Develop Your Brand As An Independent Artist

You and I see it all the time. The person with tons of talent but there's something we can't fully pinpoint as to why they haven't "made it." It's normal for us to see wasted talent nowadays, and that's for a two reasons:

lack of funds or lack of knowledge

Well, my friends, today is your lucky day. If you have been looking for the answer to why you or someone you know hasn't broken into the music industry, here are 4 things you definitely have to keep in mind.

Breaking into the industry is one thing but becoming noticed and standing out from the rest is another. You have the talent? Check. But what else is missing? 

It's called brand development.

Brand Development is exactly what it reads, developing a brand. Once you develop a brand, you are well on your way to being noticed as a talented independent artist which puts you in the lane to eventually break into the industry.

However, with Brand Development comes 4 things you need to actually develop, to the T, before you even consider working towards getting noticed. Here they are:

1. Identity

2. Sound

3. Image

4. Personality

Now, for some of you, you may have thought that all of these make for the same purpose, but that is not true. Every step in brand development plays a different role in the digital and social world. Who you are in person, has to match with who you portray yourself as online.

And while the match may sound easy, its actually difficult for many indies to do. Not only that, but the lack of originality or interest is why it's difficult for their social or digital followers to really even care.

This is exactly why Brand Development is key... and if you still don't believe it, comment below with a successful artist you know who's digital brand doesn't match with their social. We'll wait. 

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