Editor's Note: Here's How I Achieve My Goals, I Hope This Helps

From school, work, friends to your growing business, there is always a distraction. Whether you call your distraction "being busy" or whatever, there is always room for improvement and these 5 steps you become more productive and map out your work day in a way that does not overwhelm you.

As a writer, I find that what works for me is writing everything down, creating a schedule and sticking to it. I usually use Google Calendar and a physical weekly/monthly planner. This is because I like to have a digital and physical version in case I forget my laptop or my backpack.

Now if you are not a visual person, majority of the successful people I know are extremely visual - so although you might not want to write things down, that is a big key to organizing your day and your goals.



1. Decide

Decide what you need to do or what you have to achieve for the week. If you need to achieve more than one goal - write down realistic goals you have to achieve for that day.

2. The Steps

Write out what needs to be done each day to achieve that weekly goal. For instance, if you know you have to begin working on content for a client, each day, map out steps that will get you closer to having content for your client.

It might look something like this:

1. Monday: Brainstorm and research content ideas

2. Tuesday: Copy those ideas down into a word doc

3. Brainstorm visuals for the content ideas

4. Set up a call with client for Saturday

5. Prepare content ideas and visuals for meeting

3. Set small goals 

Each day, you should strive to achieve a goal that is apart of the daily plan we see above. On the plan you see you've already mapped out steps to achieve that overall goal for the week, now its time to put those steps into action by working on those each day. 

There's no excuses, you've clearly created your game plan.

4. Repeat

Consistency is a must. Once you decide, plan and execute, these steps will become habits and you will find yourself setting even more difficult yet attainable goals for yourself.

You will see that daily goals achieve weekly goals and weekly goals achieve monthly goals which achieve your overall goal.

Everything is a step.

And as long as you stay organized and challenge yourself, knocking out tasks can be a lot easier than you think.

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