How To Use Social Media To Increase Your Musical Traffic

As every artist begins to develop their brand, social media is a channel in which they use to potentially gain fans. Some celebrities we love or even hate got their “Big Break” thanks to social media.

Stars like Justin Bieber was discovered on Youtube then eventually had the world singing "Baby baby baby ohhhhhh." Soulja Boy came up with the ever so catchy “Crank That” dance which had the world cranking everything from the 'Soulja Boy' to 'The Superman.' Although it might seem like a couple years too far back to remember Youtube was the main engine before our Snapchat and Instagram, technology has definitely evolved and so has our attention span.

With our attention span becoming shorter due to tons of content being thrown in our faces due to social apps, the question most up and coming artist ask is how do they increase musical traffic through social media? Some of the dopest artists today used it to catapult their career, so how can they use it in their favor?

Well readers, here are some ways you can use social media to increase your musical traffic:

Musical Covers

Covers are the quickest and easiest way for fans to discover you and your musical talents. You take the hottest record or even a record that you love and remix it in your own special way, posting it to a social site like Youtube, Instagram or Twitter. Since Youtube is quick and free, its easy for people to search for songs and its even easier for them to find you.

Just keep in mind that a cover can make or break you. A musical cover will dictate if potential fans will become followers or if they do not, so quality is key! 


Creating a hashtag challenge using your music is another way to use social media to increase your musical traffic. It pushes your fans and followers to be apart of your project and also gives them a chance to interact with you.

This is also extra promotion. Your fans and friends will see this hashtag and will be curious to see what all the fuss is about. If you are familiar with #HitheQuan, this hashtag pushed people who might not have even heard the song to check it out or even click the hashtag to see what its all about. Even stars like The Rock, Gabrielle Union, and other have participated in the dance simply because of its trend. 

The key is being creative in your approach which pushes others to be involved.

Collaborate With Other Socialites

Working with social media comedians who already have a widespread fanbase can be beneficial to both parties. Socialites have a hard grip on social media which makes them socialites. Map out the benefits of both parties and try reaching out so someone with a large following.

Socialites have the tendency to make anything look cool. So if they are doing something involving you or your talents, that can be very beneficial for you and your career.

Consistency & Authenticity

Last but certainly not least constant interaction is key. To make your fans feel involved in everything that you do is apart of building that bond with fans. This is no different than a company with a product. Your goal is to create brand loyalty and developing creative ways in which you can always keep your fans interested is key. Create a behind the scenes videos of how you create your music or your day to day life. Let your fans in so they are able to see who you are, your attitude, your personality and you as a person overall.

Believe it or not, people are interested in your journey to your success if they are following you, so you might as well give them something they want.

In that process, always remember to be you.

When you do and say what you believe, you will also attract those people who believe what you believe... and those are the best fans to have.

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