12 Things Every Upcoming Music Artist Struggles With

It's time to learn more about the business.

If you are a music artist reading or just an individual curious of the struggles indies go through, read along with us because this gets good. 

We hear the stories all the time. The indie who always gets fucked over after paying for some irrelevant service that adds absolutely no value to their career. Part of those issues is carelessness and the other is lack of knowledge. 

So as your fellow internet advisor, I want to enlighten you on the 12 things every music artist struggles with. Hopefully through this list, you will learn to follow in order as to what should be done first before you even choose to hire someone to do work for you.

Yes, I am giving you the juice.

Check out my list below created by my awesome mentor and master strategist, Matty Jade:

1. Creating a plan and brand development budget

What a house without a blueprint? This is the same thing with your career as an artist, what is your career without a plan of action?

Before you make any moves, get a plan created so you have a clear vision on what your goals are. If not, your just like all the other artists investing into an empty whole.

2. Finding and developing their identity, sound, image and personality

Identity, sound, image and personality are all four different traits that are extremely important when building your brand. All four of these traits must align with your music and vision in order for you to be marketable to a specific market.

No worries, we will be providing individual guides on how to recognize the difference and developing these traits as an artist (subscribe above!)

3. Being surrounded by experienced people willing to help mentor and guide them

If your homies aren't experienced in the business or music period, you might want to think twice about the amount of advice you take. It is important to know that as an indie artist, surrounding yourself around people that know what they are doing will do things for your career that the "homies" can't accomplish.

4. Making quality music

To mix or to master? Should you work with different engineers? How can you make the best record possible for your market?

All of these things play a part. Consider it before you push your single and remember that quality is much better than speed. Take your time with your music to produce something for your potential listeners/fans.

5. Displaying their music/brand on a high quality EPK/Website

Many people are sleep on websites and EPKs simply because of the lack of knowledge. However, websites have very great benefits and can make your return on investment if you are an indie constantly paying out of pocket.

Don't believe us? Well, you should.

6. Having quality marketing materials (photos of them, banners,covers, flyers, etc.)

Your marketing materials are the first things people see before they actually see you, so you want your first impression to be your best.

Invest into yourself and your brand. If you truly want to work in the business, creativity is key and sometimes that's an investment.

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7. Building relationships with followers giving their supporters something to believe in

In order to build a following, it takes time, consistency and authenticity. So when you are building with your followers, approach them as if you know them and what they need.

8. Creating a database of followers

How will you stay in contact with your followers? How can you personally grow, connect and share things with your followers? By creating a database of course! 

This includes Mailchimp or Constant Contact, or any other email marketing platform that allows you to communicate in bulk. 

9. Making money selling music and merch

Everyone loves making money.

10. Booking shows and events

And everyone wants to book shows.

11. Networking and building relationships with other artist, dj's, producers and promoters

Are you an influencer in your city? Are you building with people in power?

If not, you might want to consider it. They make a big impact on how many people know your name in the city you are in.

12. Building credibility and brand awareness through Public Relations

Many artists feel that Public Relations is the first step in building their brand when in reality, PRs should be used once you have things to actually manage.

PRs are an additive to your greatness, they don't make it.

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